MusicRogue FAQ

Where’s My Music?

It’s simple. Any music you saved on your smartphone can be played when you’re on hold. Music you download from iTunes needs to be stored locally on your smartphone, not streamed from the cloud. Music streamed or downloaded from iMusic, is protected music only for Apple's player. In some rare instances, music downloaded from iTunes is also protected.

Can I listen to music in Spotify?

Yes if you have a premium account, and why not with all that music!

How do I synch music purchased from the cloud to my phone?

Just follow this quick “how to video” and you’re set!

I synced new music from iTunes, but it doesn’t show up in MusicRogue.

No problem! Whenever you update music on your phone you can refresh your playlist in MusicRogue by clicking on “Reload Music Library” anytime.

Why can’t I save contacts?

You can, but MusicRogue lets you make toll-free calls at no charge, which are these 800 numbers: 800, 888, 877, 866, 855 and 844. Any other numbers are blocked because it would incur a per-minute charge from third-party vendors, and how many of your friends are going to put you on hold anyway?

What if I made a call without using the app?

Please make all toll-free calls through the MusicRogue app to listen to your hold music.

How do I get back to my call manually?

When you are rocking out to your favorite hold music, just tap the pause button at anytime to get back to your call, and the crappy hold music from company X. Hit the green MusicRogue icon and your music restarts until your call is answered. Otherwise we automate this process for you.

Why does MusicRogue need to verify my phone during signup?

So we know that you are really you. After that numbers are thrown out like trash.

When I make a call, what’s a 503 message anyway?

In some rare cases, the local network you’re using to make a call won’t allow VoIP. Turn off WiFi on your smartphone and call again.